I love things that are both amazing and unique, as I am sure you do. It is important to me that I feel the mark of the artist, his source of inspiration. I love things with a soul of their own, especially for jewels.

     For me, a true jewel does not just belong to me: it is a part of me. It is a secret window on the one person that gave it to me as a gift, an intimate passage to memories that I cherish to this day. Each such jewel is a unique diapason, tuning my thoughts and bearing this special image of me that I have set my heart on.

     Most of my pieces originate from a single gem, a beautiful, peculiar stone around which the jewel will be composed. I see my work as trying to render and serve the specific, natural qualities of this chosen gem. Sometimes, I like to craft my own dichroic glass cabochons, for their fascinating colors and brilliance. To the pure silver casing I will design and craft, I may add shining mother-of-pearls, pure gold, brass, bronze or copper... 

     Most of my creations are just one of their kind, though in some rare cases they may come as a small series of similar pieces. Should you see a jewel that you are particularly fond of, but that has already been sold, please contact me. I may be able to craft another one in a similar spirit.